The Camera that Connects: Samsung Galaxy Camera

By | December 28, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Camera does not only capture moments. It shares them wirelessly. This means sharing just got easier and faster for you. You don’t need to connect your camera to a computer or laptop to transfer, open, edit and share your photos and videos. You can do those functions right there on your camera. Take every shot using its features including 21x optical zoom, editing tools, wide-angle lens, Android operating system and voice commands.
Samsung Galaxy Camera
You get yourself a camera with high performance and optimized by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the latest Android platform, and 4G Internet mobile connection. It employs simple photography procedure with point and shoot on a convenient interface with access to Android applications from Google Play. Need to shoot a far scenery or the object just a few inches away from your nose? Galaxy Camera will do it for you. Shoot under any light condition- be it bright or dark. The zoom capability lets you capture with high-quality.
Samsung Galaxy Camera_2
Get closer to your subject using 21x optical zoom without compromising the clarity of your image. Control it using the touch screen or the button provided. OIS keeps images clear while taking long-distance pictures. It has a 16-megapixel 1/ 2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor that provides you images with optimum color resolution. The 23-millimeter aperture lens produces wide-angles shots.

Create more tricks and effects for your shots. Use your creativity with Smart Pro Mode. Navigate through the menu to select from the series of options for preset scenario that can adjust the settings of your camera automatically to apply the best setting for your image. Example for this is the adjustment of exposure settings. Light Trace is effective for night scenes with light trails by controlling the shutter speed automatically. Rich Tone delivers more intense images to reduce exposure in bright environment.
Samsung Galaxy Camera_3
Appreciate your photos on vivid display with its 4.8-inch HD Super Clear LCD touch screen. You can edit and share your images within your touch. You can make it work using your own voice with the Voice Control technology. You can command functions like “shoot” or “zoom in”. The editing features will let you work wonders for your photos. Manage all your content using the Smart Content Manager. It tags faces, makes folders and sets your photos in different views such as magazine view or timeline.

The Photo Wizard gives you 65 editing features for professional editing. Like your smartphone and other mobile devices, you can have wireless connections on your Android Jelly Bean camera. Add more applications to your existing ones from Google Play and Samsung Apps store. The S Suggest will suggest a new application or game for you to download.
Samsung Galaxy Camera_4
You can replace faces as you review your photos using the Best Face feature. You can replace a smile, open eyes and create the fitting expressions. The combination of facial recognition and fast burst shots lets you tap a face facing one direction to be replaced with expressions taken before that one.

Enjoy sharing of your photos to other devices within 200 feet and to social networks and other Internet services. You can remotely access your camera files using devices sharing your home network such as your computer or Smart TV. AllShare Play lets you share your files among devices sharing the same network.

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