Sony’s Three in a Duo: VAIO Duo 11

By | December 10, 2012

Touch, type and write. These functions let you get your hands on the tablet-and-PC-plus-write-on VAIO Duo 11 by Sony. The Surf-Slider slides up and down to switch between your keyboard and slate modes. The touch screen sets your applications to be readily available right on your fingertips. The keyboard serves you especially for demanding typing tasks, and be operated with a mouse for your convenience.

The sleek body that is barely 18mm in thinness and weighs 1.305Kg with full HD 11.6-inch OptiContrast Panel, full features, full HD front and back cameras that can work in both modes, jacks and ports for your connections, optional sheet battery to lengthen the time of your operation and USB charging to recharge your USB devices while mobile even when the device is off. Support features include quick system boot up.

You don’t just type on or touch your device. You write on it. Use the Digitizer Stylus to draw, trim, clip and erase scripts and images aside from writing. You can easily manage, input and share your ideas while on the go with image manipulation, taking notes and brainstorming. It can run up to 8 hours with the optional sheet battery. It is powered by Intel Core i5-3317U CPU 1.7 GHz with Turbo Boost of up to 2.6 GHz. It has high-speed SDD storage. It supports Windows 8.

You can use the S-Master Headphones to experience Digital Noise Canceling that filters noise from your noisy environment such as trains and airplanes. The S-Master technology produces sound with minimal degradation using full digital amplifier. It is more than just the conventional sleep by saving more of your battery life, and yet being more responsive to wake up call through its Rapid Wake + Eco function. The worry of losing data on sleep mode is resolved with robust data protection feature.

The built-in battery will last up to four and a half hours. The optional sheet battery will lengthen your usage time up to about 9 hours. You can charge the optional batter directly using AC adapter. You can charge your USB devices such as your smart phone or music player by connecting them to your VAIO Duo. It allows USB charging even when not connect to AC power, when turned off or in sleep mode.

You can write naturally using the two types of digitizer stylus provided with your VAIO Duo. The soft tip and hard tip styluses produce different effects. The system has addressed the problems of unwanted smudges or touches caused by your palm or knuckles while writing. It can detect and differentiate your hand from your stylus. Every stylus has two buttons. One button is for erase while the right-click button is for accessing various options.

Clipping and tracing images out of a picture has been made easier using the digitizer stylus. You can encircle the image to cut it out of the original picture. Active Clip uses a technology called unique silhouette recognition to accurately cut out images as you intend to. You can paste the clip on another image of your choice. This is beneficial for preparing project needs or other creations like greeting cards.

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