Siri for Apple iOS

By | November 15, 2012

Meet Siri

Siri is like a device genie. It lets you dictate your schedule meetings, messages you want to send, phone calls you need to place and even more. Just say it. Just talk to use it.

Ask Siri

It will answer your questions by sourcing it out from WolframAlpha or Yelp. Ask the score for last night’s game, and it will tell you. Ask Siri to look for your song, and it will playback for you. Ask how you can reach your destination, and it will give you the directions.

Siri Helps

At times, with the numerous features of your device, you don’t really get to know every detailed usage for every application. With your busy life at work and with your personal and social networks, you don’t have the luxury of time to go down into all the technicalities of your mobile or computer. What can Siri do to help? Again, just ask. It will choose the application for your request.
You may wonder what type of special commands you need for this application to understand you. Or you may probably ask, what pitch, at what speed or how clear should you talk for it to get what you have just said. Well, just talk to it the way you do to a human being. It does not only hear you, it will understand you, or technically, it will analyse your commands through keywords. It has a memory system to continuously engage with you through relevant information. For example, if you ask Siri “I want to eat pizza near this area”. It will reply and show you a list of Italian restaurants or pizza parlors in the area where you are with reviews, addresses and the distances to reach them. You can even ask Siri to make a reservation for you. It will keep suggesting or asking you as long as you ask until you are satisfied with your search.

Remember with Siri

Don’t miss an appointment. Ask Siri to remind you. Tell it what you have to do, when and where. Set your meetings by telling Siri what it is about, where, who and when. It will place it on your calendar and even send out invitations. Ask Siri to wake you up. You can set many alarms.

What’s More

Siri can search for movie reviews and facts and play movie trailers for you. When is it showing? Ask Siri. Tell it your current status or your comment for your Facebook. Ask it to tweet for your Twitter account. Command it to open an iOS application for you. Send a message to someone by telling Siri who, and then Siri will ask you what you want to say. It will jot down and send it for you. Ask about the weather. Let Siri write down your E-mail and send it to one or more recipients.
Say the name of the person you want to contact, and Siri will fetch it for you. You can monitor your stocks by telling it the company name. It can also count down for you. Siri keeps you safe on the road with the Eyes Free feature. Keep your eyes on the road. Just ask it through your steering wheel’s voice command button. Your iOS device won’t even light up its screen so you don’t get distracted.
Want to hear it from Siri?
Siri will tell you about itself. Just ask Siri.
Siri is featured on iMac and other iOS devices. It is available in beta version for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, 3rd generation iPad and 5th generation iPod touch.

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