Sony VAIO Duo 11

By | February 12, 2013

You can switch from notebook to tablet mode type with Sony VAIO Duo 11. It features the Surf Slider design that allows smooth transition from keyboard mode to slate mode. It also enables touch for you to easily work on your applications. Slate mode allows you to maximize touch operated functions. Keyboard mode gives you convenience in working on your documents and allows you to type quickly so you can accomplish your tasks faster. You can also use this mode with a mouse.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 keyboard mode
It has a thin body with 18 mm. It weighs 1.305 kilos. It features a full HD OptiContrast Panel on 11.6-inch display to optimize viewing of your applications. Performance is enhanced with connections provided through ports and jacks, optional sheet battery to back up your operations with more time and front and back full HD cameras for you to capture moments and communicate better. You can charge your USB devices while away using its USB charging feature. It enables fast boot up for optimum performance.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 notepad
You can use your device like a notebook or sketchpad. It has a digitizer stylus so you don’t have to look for a pen and paper when trying to note down something. You can clip, erase and trim using the digital pen. You can manipulate images and save your ideas quickly before you lose them.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 notepad_2
The built-in battery supports up to 4.5 hours of activity and can be extended up to 9 hours using the optional sheet battery. The optional sheet battery can be charged through AC adapter. It is powered by Intel Core i5-3317U CPU with 1.7 GHz speed and Turbo Boost technology that allows up to 2.6 GHz speed. It has high speed SDD storage.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 tablet mode
Use S-Master headphones to enjoy your multimedia such as music. S-Master utilizes full digital amplifier to create sound with least degradation. A chip is integrated in the headphones to provide this technology.

It also has Digital Noise Canceling that removes the noise when you listen to music or movie sound in noisy places. It filters out the noise so you can enjoy and focus on your entertainment. Fast booting is enabled with Rapid Wake + Eco technology that wakes your device from sleep in just 2 seconds. Information is protected during sleep mode with data protection.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 USB charging
Anytime USB charging allows you to charge your USB devices even when the notebook is turned off or not connected to AC or in sleep mode. This helps especially when your USB device like smart phone or music player suddenly goes out of power while on the go.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 Stylus_2
The digitizer stylus has two kinds, the soft and the hard tip. They have different effects. The stylus hover prevents the system from errors that result from palm smudges or knuckle touches by differentiating the hand from the stylus. The stylus has 2 buttons. One is for erase function, while the others serves as a right-click button for you to choose from several functions.
Sony VAIO Duo 11 Stylus
You can clip images using Active Clip with your digital stylus. Encircle the image you want to clip. The image will be accurately cut out through silhouette recognition. This is useful for making presentation or project materials like greeting cards.

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