Another Flexible Experience from Sony- VAIO TAP 20

By | February 15, 2013

You can change the screen angle of this Sony VAIO model to any degree from flat to vertical to adjust according to your need. Use it as desktop by raising it high or used it as a tablet by making it lie flat so you can comfortable draw pictures or maximize your touch functions. The rubber foot acts as locking mechanism by holding the adjustable stand in place to keep it from slipping at any angle.
Sony VAIO Tap 20_2
You can enjoy it for your own experience, and you can also share it with others. It provides wide viewing angle without the distortion in brightness and color. You can enjoy watching movies and other multimedia as well as playing games with good quality. It recognizes 10 different touch points at the same time allowing several people to work and control the screen all at the same time.

Whether Tap 20 is lying flat or upright, the quality of sound projected is maintained with speakers and woofer that are placed on the round edges of its screen. Jacks and ports are conveniently located for your connections.
Sony VAIO Tap 20
The 20-inch screen provides ample space for maximizing the experience that the computer offers. It uses IPS LCD technology to support the wide viewing angle so you get a good view from any direction. It fully supports the touch features of the Windows 8 system with ability to differentiate 10 different touches at the same time. This enables interactive gaming, sharing of ideas and collaborative work.

Gather information such as appointments, contacts and weather news on the calendar. Its performance is backed up by Intel Core i5 CPU to provide speed and stability especially for multitasking. Video playback with better contrast of images, increased sharpness and improved edge display is a product of Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. Videos play with reduced noise, filtered images for enhanced sharpness, better color quality and contrast. It works with Internet Explorer 10 and Windows Media Player.
Sony VAIO Tap 20 music
Audio quality is supported by ClearAudio+ mode that is created with signal processing technologies by Sony, S-Force Front Surround 3D that recreates the effect of surround sound as compared to conventional front sound, and Dolby Home Theater version 4 for cinematic experience.

Its built-in battery is equipped with Rapid Wake + Eco technology. It can wake up immediately from sleep mode or perform fast boot up from shut down mode. The hard disk drive is enforced with 4th generation shock protection to keep it safe from accidents that may cause its failure. This technology utilizes axis change sensors that detect how the device is being positioned in order to counter that motion as preparation for protecting the hard drive.
Sony VAIO Tap 20 family paint
VAIO Tap 20 offers several original touch applications including Family Paint, Fingertapps Organizer and PlayMemories Home for VAIO. Family Paint lets you work the way you do on a canvas. It lets you create pictures by using the touch display panel to draw just like you do on paper. You can share these creations to family and friends through E-mail or you may post them to your social networks like Facebook.
Sony VAIO Tap 20 fingertap organizer
Fingertapps Organizer lets you organize your content. You can post videos, voice messages, photographs and others. It serves like a bulletin board. You can leave messages for other family members like a video message for your dad or mom, or for parents to post reminders for their kids.

PlayMemories Home for VAIO allows you to organize and create videos and photos that you can share with others. It supports easy viewing, editing and sharing of content like photos and videos through several outlets including Sony’s own cloud service.

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